On September 3rd, Nintendo announced a series of new upcoming releases to celebrate the 35th birthday of their famous mascot. Super Mario Bros. revolutionized the video game industry and saved it from an early demise. Since then, the world’s favorite plumber has ventured into a franchise that goes beyond video games. Without rehashing what I wrote at the time of the Nintendo Direct(See my blog post: Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct: A Cooky Commentary), I’ll just say that Mario’s legacy continues to live on generation after generation. …

Original Cheeseburger from Benjamin’s the Burger Master

Hello readers! Welcome to another weekly review on “Burger Bites!” I’m writing this on a rather odd day as I woke up to snow and cold and now it’s sunny and the snow has melted. If you’re still freezing, hopefully this review will make you want to go warm up with a hot delicious burger. The location where I work I’m surrounded by chain restaurants and fast food places. I’ve even started a routine as to where I will go for lunch each day. McDonald’s Mondays, Subway Tuesdays, you get the idea. This past Tuesday (or yesterday), I wanted to…

Hello, readers! Sorry I was MIA for a week. Life got in the way (I’m sure you can relate to that). Welcome to another burger review on “Burger Bites!” This review is from a place I visited last week on a beautiful sunny Tuesday evening. Perfect day to have a drink and a burger. I went to a place that was high up early on my list as people I’ve spoken to would rave about. That place is Lock 27!

Lock 27 has two locations. Their first location is in Downtown Dayton right next to Day Air Field, which is…

Front image of the Blind Bob’s Burger

Greeting, burger aficionados! Welcome to another weekly review on “Burger Bites!” Amazing how time flies. It feels like I just published last week’s review and now I’m on this week’s review. For this review, I traveled to Dayton’s famous Oregon District downtown on a cold spring Sunday to try a burger listed by local news outlets as one of their favorites, “Blind Bob’s!”

“Blind Bob’s” is located as previously mentioned right on the strip of Fifth Street in the Oregon District. It’s notable for it’s rustic and spacious look complete with a bar in the center and all kinds of…

Image of the Doubleday’s Patty Melt

Alright burger fans, it’s time for another weekly review in “Burger Bites!” I didn’t know if I was going to be able to squeeze a review in this week. Life is starting to get busy for me with Spring here. Have no fear as I was able to visit a local spot this past Sunday. For this “Burger Bites” review, I decided to do a little twist. Instead of ordering a traditional burger at the establishment, I wanted to try something different, but still considered a burger.

I visited Doubleday’s Grill & Tavern in located at the Cross Pointe Shopping…

Hank’s Double Cheeseburger from The Root Beer Stande

Hello all you hungry readers! Welcome to another edition of “Burger Bites!” For this review, I went to visit an establishment that I’ve been going to ever since I was a kid. It’s a place where you pull your car into a lot with a roof above it and you get served your food on a tray with clips attached to your windshield. If you want a place for great food and want to relive that drive in environment, then you need to go to The Root Beer Stande.

Cover Image

Hello, readers! Welcome to the second review of “Burger Bites!” Hope you enjoyed reading the first one because I’m just getting warmed up. Where I live in Dayton, OH the downtown is booming with all kinds of small businesses. There’s everything from coffee houses to arcade bars to craft brewing facilities which has been the staple of the rebirth of the city. More of them are opening up for locals to try out selections from various drink crafters to sampling food on their initial menus. …

Hamburger Wagon Burgers

Hello, readers! Welcome to the first review in my “Burger Bites” blog. As mentioned in my opening article, this blog is dedicated to showcasing burgers from local businesses. Hopefully these reviews will make you hungry and visit these stores that need the support as we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first series of reviews, I’ll be reviewing places that are in and around my hometown of Dayton, OH. From there I hope to expand to not only the rest of the state, but the entire country whenever I get a chance to visit certain states. …

Official Image

Nintendo is slowly winding down on its 35th Anniversary of its most iconic game Super Mario Bros. Starting last fall, Nintendo celebrated it’s revolutionary and most iconic platforming game by releasing various games starring the Italian plumber, most notably a Game & Watch Edition of the first game, a re-release of it’s 3D titles for the Nintendo Switch and an online version of Super Mario Bros. where up to thirty five players battle it out to see who can survive playing the game the longest. Before its March 31st cutoff date (where Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros.35

Home Screen

As we enter into 2021 you’re going to see plenty of anniversary and retrospectives that date twenty, thirty, forty years ago, etc. I was writing down as many titles in film, television and video games that had special anniversaries this year. As I was installing a refurbished PlayStation 2 that I purchased online to add to my ever-growing collection of next gen and previous gen consoles there was one game from my past I was itching to play again. It’s a game that was based on the popular series that was exclusive to Sony.

When Sony unveiled the first PlayStation…

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